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House of Alignment is for those seeking discovery and a connection with their higher selves to live a purpose filled life.

House of Alignment is a spiritual center of balance and healing where various natural healing techniques are used to align energy and heighten one’s awareness of self. 

House of Alignment has it's doors open to guide you in restoring your faith, reconnecting to your hope, understanding your energy, defining your frequencies, and balancing your spirituality with consciousness.


House of Alignment is a Spiritual Awakening center to guide you through your healing journey. Learning how to go within to never be without is our focus for your enlightenment. Through energy healing, chakra alignment and shadow work you will reach your total self discovery.

Welcome To The House Of Alignment! I Am Your Healer, Paula Green.  

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Why is natural healing a form spirituality?

Jesus meditated , Jesus read energy, and Jesus laid hands on people, and used natural elements to aid in healing! God created Earth to supply all the needs of humanity naturally; this includes food for nutrition and medicine. All of these things elevate us through senses. Our bodies are made of energy and minerals that aid in healing.  The elements in crystals and copper are also found in us. Our bodies have different frequencies of alignment (ex. 528hz which cleans your Aura field also known as the love frequency or the 432hz which balances all the chakras) and needs specific herbs, incenses,  and other natural elements to aid us in releasing or gaining energy.  Once a person begins the healing journey they are able to find their purpose and live a more fulfilled life as God intended. The connection to your creator and source will keep you in tuned with your higher self. 

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A Home For Your Healing Journey

In 2012,  I discovered the power of natural healing. The lasting impact left on me by reiki, meditation, chakra balancing, and intuitive energy reading sessions led me to begin studying to become certified USUI Reiki Energy Master. House of Alignment was developed as a way for me to share these benefits with others. House Of Alignment connects with my passion because it allows me to use the essential tools of natural healing as a form of self expression. HOA is my purpose! HOA is my gift! HOA is the vessel where I teach others to evolve and become one with their source of life and power.

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Come In And Never Be Without

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