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Paula Green

My Personal Story

Life, Faith, Confidence

  Hello soul tribe my name is Paula. Welcome to the House Of Alignment. My soul evolution journey started about a little over ten years ago. I grew up in a single parent household. Although I had a Christian background, my mom didn't always have time to go to church. She had to work all the time to support me and my  siblings. Anyways she would send us to Maryland in the summer time to stay with my grandparents. I couldn't stand to be there sometimes. It felt like we were going to church every other day. And don’t get me started on the youth activities. Being at their house  was so strict and full of rules that I didn't feel like it applied to me. My mom felt like this was the best way for us to learn manners and discipline. Plus it gave us a different lifestyle  away from our  neighborhood.

Living in Brooklyn New York with some of the  toughest neighborhoods as a teenage girl was not easy. Any way  I tried to live life the  Christian way as they call it. Somehow that way did not resonate with me any longer. Maybe It was the churches I was attending or simply falling  victim to the streets at the age of 18  years old.  By this time my faith with the churches was fading day by day. I  mean I tried so many  denominations. I am talking about Baptists, Jehovah Witnesses, Catholic, and even Seventh Day Adventist churches but yet I felt like my soul was still missing something. I just wanted to know what my purpose was. I felt like I was just going through life aimlessly. I told myself no matter what was going on in my life, I wanted to become the best version of myself and live a purpose filled life.

 Around the age of  26 years old I met a beautiful soul on the beach one day. I felt like I knew her for   years.  We talked about life and what it meant to us. She then asked me if I knew how to meditate. I said not really  enlighten me. She went on to explain the concept to me.  She told me that everything was connected. She told me about energy healing and how to heal myself naturally. I told her I will study and find out more about it. Ever since that day I realized that what I was searching for was already inside of me. I felt like I discovered a new person within myself. The more I meditated I found the answers to everyday life situations. This journey led me to discovering my soul's life purpose. I always knew I had a gift to connect with people on a soul level. I wanted to use my gift to bless whoever came across my path.

  Now at the Age of 34 I became a  Usui Reiki Master. Being a Usui Reiki Master allowed me to use different energy healing modalities to heal people. I became that beacon of light that I was destined to be. My intuition became so strong that my spirit guides  began to use me  to channel messages to people who needed to hear that message so that they could heal. This holistic wellness power needed a place to call home, that is when House Of Alignment was born. The House Of Alignment is for anyone who is willing to do the work to heal and become the highest version of themselves. My soul tribe I am thrilled to accompany you on your soul evolution journey. I want you to know that the House of Alignment will align you to your purpose. You will know how to go within to never be without love, joy, peace , harmony , wealth, great health and many more of life's riches blessings.

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