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14 Different Types of Empaths

An empath is an individual who feels more empathy than an average human. Empaths are very sensitive to the emotions of others that are around them. They have the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing. There are many different empaths, but we are going to focus on the 14 most common empaths.

The first one I would like to talk about is an Emotional empath. They are like all empaths, they display a degree of heightened sensitivity to other people’s emotions. In some cases this would be either their strongest trait or only trait. While other empaths are able to tap into more than just emotions, such as the Telepathic empath. Telepathic empaths can read more than people’s emotions, they can also read people's thoughts. They use some of the same techniques like the emotional empaths. “Reading minds'' would be similar to reading body language, which may imply a deeper level of insight or just a different perspective.

Physical empaths have a heightened sensitivity to what other people are feeling in their bodies. They can sense if something is wrong with your health, while also sharing other people’s same experiences, like a headache or stomach ache. Some physical empaths also have the ability to mirror someone else's habits.

Psychometric empaths have the ability to read a person’s connection to a place or an object. They can also feel the love and loss an individual may feel when they look at a photo of a deceased loved one. Some have the psychic ability to connect with an object by themselves without someone else being present, they would still be able to pick up on the history of that object.

Molecular empaths resonate with people on the deepest level. They have the ability to connect to another person’s truest nature. They are able to see past all the layers of the ego. They see beyond the mask, the purity of a person.

Animal or fauna empaths have the ability to pick up on the feelings of animals. They are able to sense what is going on within an animal by their posture, expression, and movements, this helps them to understand exactly what the animal might be going through deep down inside. They are also able to easily communicate with animals the same way we communicate with humans. Some animal empaths prefer the company of an animal rather than a human, while others tolerate us. Plant or flora empaths have the ability to sense the well-being of vegetation. They can lay on the ground or touch a plant and be able to connect with the plant on a deep level.

Earth or geomantic empaths is deeply sensitive to the changes of the earth itself. Some can feel the pain of the earth when it goes through catastrophic events, like an earthquake or a forest fire. Some earth empaths have the ability to predict some of these events before it happens. Indigo empaths are very sensitive to morality and virtue. They are not to be confused with indigo children. Indigo empaths have the ability to sense when people are acting in bad faith. They are instinctively drawn to people who act with a sense of righteous moral purpose.

Claircognizant or intuitive empaths can do more than just pick up on thoughts and feelings. They are able to discern information from out of nowhere. They just know. Predictive or precognitive empaths have a high sensitivity to a situation's potential. Whether they are using a physic ability to predict the future or spotting patterns logically picking the most possible outcome, the results are the same. They always know exactly what’s going to happen, so take heed to their warnings.

Medium or psychic empaths have the ability to intuitively connect with the afterlife. They can pick up on extrasensory energy from the spirit world that can help you to solve real life problems. Psychic empaths use different methods based on their belief system. Dream empaths are skilled at remembering and interpreting dreams. Heyoka empaths are the rarest and most powerful empaths. Heyoka means “spiritual fool” in the Lakota and Dakota Native American dialects. These empaths act as a spiritual mirror to those around them to assist with their growth. I like to call them walking karma. You have the chance to see your true reflection around a Heyoka empath. It is likely that you may become easily triggered in the presence of a Heyoka empath, however it is up to you to heal whatever that trigger is.

If you are wondering at this point if you can have a combination of all the empaths abilities, the answer is yes. Only you could discern which one is the most dominant.

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