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Ancestor Altar

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Usually when we think of an altar, we associate it with going to church. An altar can be a temple where you go to. It's a place where some of us go into communion and accept Jesus as our Lord and savior, a place where we go to lay down our burdens. An altar can also be a sacred space in your home where you go to pray and meditate. There are many different altars, and each serves its own purpose. We have money altars, which is an altar we create that focuses on bringing in more abundance in our lives. Another altar we can create in our homes is a crystal altar, which can serve as a power house that keeps us in alignment , and maintain positive energy flowing throughout our homes. Today we are going to focus on the ancestor altar. I will tell you all about the basic setup of the ancestor altar, and certain things to keep in mind when setting up the altar.

Something you should know before setting up your ancestor altar is, use discernment when doing this. We must keep in mind that some of our ancestors were not polite and good, some of them might have done awful things in the past that we are not aware of. So with that being said make sure that you are coming from a place of love and light. You don’t want to invoke any negative energy in your home, nor do you want any bad karma. Pray and ask God to guide you, and show you the way. Another thing to know about the ancestor altar is, never have a living loved one on the same altar as a deceased loved one. Let me explain, if you have someone that is sick and you want to light a candle for them, so that they can heal and recover fast, they should be in a separate place from the ancestor altar. It is not wise to mix the living with the dead. The ancestor altar should only be for the ancestors that have already passed on. One final thing is we are not worshiping our ancestors, we are working with them, for guidance here in the earthly realm. The ancestors help protect us in the spiritual realm from the things that we can’t see and they help guide us so we can live out our purpose, what we were put on this earthly plane to do. Now let's get into this setup for the ancestor altar.

When setting up an ancestor altar, find a location in your home where it will be quiet and free from distraction when it's time to connect with your ancestors. The first thing you want to do is pray over the space with some sage setting the intentions of it being a sacred space to connect with your ancestors. After that you want to spread a white tablecloth down before laying the items on it .On top of the table we are going to make sure we have all the elements, which are fire, earth, air and water. The white candle will represent the fire element once it is lit, the flowers will represent the earth element, you can add a glass of water, wine, or your ancestors favorite drink which will serve as the water element, and finally burning incense or sage and fanning the smoke with a feather can represent the air element. The next thing you want to add to the ancestor altar is a photo of your ancestor or the name of the ancestor you would like to connect with, and their favorite food. Also keep a bible open to your favorite bible verse to help keep the energy strong, I like to use Psalms 23 for mines. Now that your ancestor altar is set up, let's connect. One way I connect with my ancestors of love and light is by praying and thanking them for their guidance letting them know it is okay to intervene on my behalf, by blocking any harm or negative energy that someone may be trying to send towards me. I also like to burn

Ancestor money for my ancestors to help clear up any karmic debt from my bloodline, while asking for their assistance to help bring abundance into my life. The spiritual realm is powerful, make sure when you open these doors, you are doing it for the greatest highest good for yourself and others, with their permission of course. This spiritual journey is yours, so do it your way, but the right way so that you can live a fruitful life.

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