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Ancestor Money

Along my healing journey I learned many different ways on how to connect with my ancestors spiritually. One of the ways I connect with them is during my ancestors' burning money ritual. Ancestor money is also known as hell notes, ghost money, or heaven notes. The ancestor's money is printed on joss paper in many different denominations. In each culture there are different reasons to burn ancestor money. Some cultures burn ancestor money on certain occasions , like a deceased loved ones birthday to honor them. The burning of ancestors' money is mainly used to honor your ancestors and help clear karmic debt from your family's lineage. Keep reading to find out the way I burn my ancestors’ money.

First thing first, I made sure that my ancestor altar was the space that I dedicated to honoring only my passed on loved one’s. On that altar I had a combination of either the names of my ancestors or photos. I have flowers, candles , and some other items that my ancestors might have loved. This included their favorite foods and drinks. The other items I made sure to have were my cauldron pot, matches, sage or palo santo, money drawing oil, my bell, and the ancestor money of course. The process is simple, just light a white candle on your ancestor’s altar where you will be burning the money. Lighting the candle is like ringing the doorbell to the spiritual realm. Make sure you cleanse your space with either the palo santo or sage. Then set your intentions for the purpose why you are burning the ancestor money. You can also choose to anoint your money with a blessing oil or money drawing oil, it all depends on the request you asked for in return. When your intentions are set go ahead and light the ancestors money with the wick of the candle that’s already lit. Once lit safely place the money into your cauldron pot and allow it to burn out completely. You can burn your ancestors money any time and as frequently as you like. I personally like to burn my ancestors' money daily as a part of my morning ritual. I ask them for guidance and consistency in my business. Burning ancestors’ money can open up a world of possibilities for you. For starters your ancestor would protect you in the spiritual realm and work behind the scenes to shift things in your favor.

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