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Beauty Bath

There are many ways to protect your energy field. One of my favorite ways I like to protect my energy field is by doing my beauty baths. You may be wondering what a beauty bath is and how it protects my energy field? You may also be wondering how it differs from your regular traditional bath. You may also want to know how frequently you might need to take one. Keep reading to find out more about my beauty baths and how you can incorporate it in your daily or weekly rituals. I will also be sharing some tips and ingredients I use in my beauty baths to receive the maximum benefits.

What is a beauty bath? A beauty bath is a spiritual infused bath set with the intentions to clear your energy field. It allows you to clear your energy by getting rid of negative energy that you might have picked up throughout your day or the week. It differs from a traditional bath because most traditional baths are used to soak if you had a long day at work. Maybe you had sore muscles from working out at the gym. With a beauty bath you make it especially to get rid of negative blockages.

First thing first, when you are preparing your beauty bath you must always set the intentions for what you want to get rid of, and what you want to attract back to yourself. When we get rid of something we must always counteract it with something to replace it with. That is what makes each bath special, because it is tailored for what you need at that moment. My favorite beauty bath that I like to take on a daily basis helps me to stay balanced throughout my work week. I do it daily because I have an energy based business. Some of the ingredients I use for this bath are simple. I use pink Himalayan sea salt, this helps to get rid of negativity. I also use a spiritual cologne, Florida water, which helps restore my protection around my energy. I also use blessing oils to bring all my blessings to me so I can continue to bless others with my energy healing work. And peppermint oil to help me to stay calm and relax, and to help me sleep well at night. When doing this bath I always have a white candle lit and my favorite music or guided meditation playing in the background. I release what is not mine and call all my energy back to myself that I might have depleted consciously or unconsciously. On the weekends I like to feel extra luxurious so I add my favorite flowers to the bath.

You can take your bath however you want. You can take it as often as you like. All you have to do is set your intentions and your ingredients based on what you want to get rid of, and what you want to attract back in your life. If you want to attract money and wealth to yourself just switch up your ingredients. You can use a green candle instead of white. You can still use the Florida water, and add a money drawing oil instead. It all depends on your journey.

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