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Divine Feminine

I know you might have heard the term divine feminine before. It's not what most people think it is. It doesn't matter what your gender identity is, we are all a mix of both masculine and feminine energies. The divine feminine energy means she can’t be seen or heard, but she can be felt. ‘’She’’ is the feminine that exists in all living beings on earth, including the ocean, moon, and trees. She is sometimes known as Yin energy or Gaia. Each of the energies has its divine purpose towards helping us reach our highest purpose. The divine feminine is one half of the whole. In her purest form she is motherly energy, beauty, sensuality and creative. She is abundant and knows that the earth will always provide enough. She Lives in peace and harmony. She is empowered from within, honored and respected. And She is divinely connected to mother earth.

The divine feminine energy within you is wild, free, and untamed. She rises above and paves her own way ignoring unwritten rules and boundaries that society has constructed for her.

When feminine energies are out of balance, we can experience inner conflict, difficulty making decisions, and crises of a spiritual or emotional nature. Healed divine feminine energy is very powerful. It is loving, caring, and allows faith, trusting inner knowing and higher intuition. ‘’ She’’ attracts everything she wants simply by knowing that it is already hers. While a wounded divine feminine energy when it is not in full power or has been subjected to trauma, demonstrates desperation, and neediness. We must go within and heal our inner child so that we can tap into our wisdom and manifest what our hearts desire. Take a look at your divine feminine energy right now. Are you operating from a healed or wounded feminine energy? Once you are aware of where your energy is, do the necessary steps to become balanced. In my next blog we will discuss the divine masculine energy.

To be continued…


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