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Divine Masculine

Divine Masculine Is just like feminine energy, it doesn't matter what your gender identity is. This energy also exists in all things. The divine masculine is very action based, it’s more focused on doing rather than being. The divine masculine is known as the universal fatherhood energy. It can also be called the ‘’Yang’’ energy. Divine masculine is all about things like structure, logic, and taking charge. Divine masculine energy plays with things like assertiveness, confidence, speaking up for yourself, and sometimes fighting the good fight. You will know if your divine masculine is awakened if you tenaciously pursue what you want, decide when/where/how a project grows, focus on one thing at a time, rely on yourself and your individual achievements, and relate through camaraderie, entertainment, and problem-solving. You can know if your masculine energy is not balanced when you feel tired often, stressed, overworked and unloved. The Masculine is the other part of a whole. When balanced with the feminine energy you will feel valued, nurtured, and appreciated. It is important to go within and meditate on the energies and see if you are in harmony with both. You can also solve a lot of relationship problems, no matter if it is romantic, friendships, or business. Once you notify which energy you are operating mostly from you can find a balance and attract your desired relationships.


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