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It's All Connected

On our life’s journey we learn so many lessons along the way. For every chapter of our lives we are given a new tool to use. So ask yourself this, Do you believe that everything you went through thus far served its purpose? I am not here to change your religious beliefs , but here to enlighten you on how you can take what you already know and apply it to live a purpose filled life. In this blog you will learn that everything is all connected. You will learn how to use holistic energy healing methods to connect directly to source and align yourself to live an abundant life.

I grew up in a christian family. I was baptized in a Baptist church. I had my journey in many different denominations. Along my journey I was always seeking for more knowledge. Somehow going to church, what it seems like almost everyday wasn't enough. I felt disconnected most of the time. I just knew that life had its many secrets waiting for me to discover them. In 2013 after attending a beach trip with a few Jehovah's Witness members, and hearing them fighting over me, and which Kingdom I must attend, led me to search more into my spirituality. I found myself asking, why was I even associating with these people in the first place. I was shocked to see christians behave in such a way. As I walked away from the vulgar crowd to sit by myself and look out into the ocean. A woman came along and sat beside me. We began to converse with each other. They say the teacher will appear once the student is ready, and oh boy was I ready. On this same day I met someone who opened me up to get intuned with my spirituality and higher self. In just one simple conversation I was introduced to meditation, chakras, sage, altar, crystals, and many other healing modalities. This wise woman who was telling all of this new information, told me I could find all these gems in the very same bible I was reading in church. Just like many of you I was confused. So I started seeking more knowledge. Who would've thought that so many gems were hidden in the Bible. I mean, I went to bible study and all, and I did not learn any of what I am about to share with you in church.

I began to study the bible with a new pair of eyes. This stage of my life became what we now know today as my great awakening. The more I search for the truth it just became easier to see all that was hidden for so many years. For instance meditation was mentioned so many times in the bible. One of the times it was mentioned was in Genesis 24: 63, In this particular chapter it teaches us that Isaac went out in the field to meditate so that he can get confirmation about his bride that his father sent to find by one of his most trusted servants. Exodus 28: 1-20 teaches us that God instructed Moses to gather Aaron and his sons to serve as priests. He was given specific details on how their garment must be made, The breastplate of judgment to be precise was made out of crystals. And one more reference to the Bible in Genesis 8:20 teaches us that this was Noha’s first recorded act after leaving the ark, building an Altar to GOD and offering clean animals as a sacrifice. GOD was pleased and vowed to never again curse the earth the way he did with the flood.

Once you awaken to the truth, it can seem that you are all alone. I am here to tell you that you are never alone. In Hosea 4:6 it states that many people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge, and if you forget the law of God your children will also be forgotten. Don’t allow the lack of knowledge keep you from God’s promise to live a purpose filled life. Believe me when I tell you this road wasn’t easy for me, many people mocked me and called me things. I stayed steadfast and in faith. No one will understand the assignment that God has given you. He will work through you in ways that will shock you. I am proof that God always gives his battles to his strongest soldiers. It did not matter the weapons that formed against me along my journey, with God’s grace and mercy they did not prosper. Live your truth, and do what God has called you to do.

I mentioned all this to say, this is your journey, do it your way. Take a little bit of everything you learned along the way and tailor it based on your healing journey. We must forget about our outdated beliefs we were taught, and evolve and open up to a world of possibilities. We are all here to learn and evolve. We are not meant to shrink down our talents and dim our light to fit into what society calls normal. We are all here to experience a life that is filled with purpose. It’s time for us to realize who we really are, and experience the abundant life that God intended us to have.


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