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Manifesting With Candle Magic

Candle magic is used almost everyday. Think about it for a second. Now let me explain. Sometimes we use candle magic when we have a romantic dinner. We light the candles with the intention to set the mood to feel inviting and loved. How about when we meditate, we light the candles to set the intention of relaxation. Candle magic is a very good tool to use when you are manifesting. I always use candle magic during my cord cutting exercises. I do so by lighting a white candle, while using a pen to write down what I want to release, and then I burn it with the flames of the candle fire. This makes me feel like the Universe heard my prayers instantly. I do the same whenever I want to attract good things for myself.

The best way to use candle magic is by combining it with the color healing tool that I mentioned in my previous blog “Color Healing”. As you already know, each color has its own vibration and frequency. So the way you combine the two is by choosing colored candles based on what you are currently trying to get rid of or wanting to manifest in your life. As you read a little further I will break down what each colored candle means.

Green Candles are for money, prosperity, growth, luck, jobs, gardening, youth, beauty, and fertility.

Dark Blue Candles are for change, flexibility, the unconscious, psychic powers, and emotional healing .

Pink candles are for love, friendship, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, and affection.

Brown candles are for home, animal wisdom, grounding, and physical healing.

Black candles banish, absorb, expel the negative, and heal serious illness.

Gold Candles are for solar magic, money, attraction, and the astral plane.

Orange candles are for the law of attraction, success with legal issues, mutability, stimulation, support, encouragement, and joy..

Light blue candles are for patience, happiness triumph over depression, calm, deep understanding, and compassion.

Red candles are for strength, protection, sexuality, vitality, passion, courage, heart, intense feeling of love, good health, and power.

White candles are for purification, peace, protection from negativity, truth, binding, sincerity, serenity, chastity, gladness, and spirit.

Purple candles are for female power, stress relief, ambition, healing past wounds, goddess-hood, and business success.

Gray candles are for neutrality, impasses, and cancellation.

Yellow candles are for mental power and vision, intelligence, clear thinking, study, self-assurance, prosperity, divination, psychism, abundance, wisdom, the power of persuasion, charisma, and a sound sleep.

Every candle contains all of the four elements, that’s what makes using candle magic to manifest so powerful. You have the air element, this is when oxygen feeds and fans the candle flame. The earth element which is the solid wax that forms the body of the candle. The water element which is represented by the melting of the wax, which brings the candle to a fluid elemental state.

And finally the fire element which is represented by the flame sparks and blazes.

Charging the candle means instilling it with magical intent. Use your imagination and create magic. You can combine as many colors as you like as long as you have clarity, and set the intentions for what you want the candle to manifest for you.

Remember you can use candle magic for almost anything. You can leave your candle plain, or you can dress your candles with herbs, olis, spiritual cologne, and glitter if you want. It all depends on what your intentions are.


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