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Numerology and Your Life Path

In my previous blog “Angel Numbers,” I mentioned a series of numbers and their meanings. These numbers are also known as a type of numerology. Numerology is very complex and has many different types. Numerology is basically based on the symbolic meaning of numbers associated with your life, such as your name and date of birth. Once we learn how numerology works we can better understand ourselves and the universe. In this blog we are going to focus on finding your life path number so that you can have some insight on how to navigate your life better. Each life path number has both its strength and also the shadow side. I will teach you how to find your life path number and I will also go through the basics of each life path number.

Finding your life path number is simple, all you need is the date, month, and year of your birth. All numbers must be converted to single digits, unless the numbers are 11 or 22. So, if you were born in November, which is the 11th month, don’t convert that number to a single digit. The same rule goes for any birthdays on the 22nd of a month, or any sum totals that add up to 11 or 22. The reasoning for this is because 11 and 22 are known as Master Numbers in numerology.

Here is an example of what I mean, let's say your D.O.B. is November 17, 1987 then you calculate it like this 11+1+7+1+9+8+7=44 then breakdown the sum to the simple digit by adding 4+4=8 so if you were born on 11/17/1987 your life path number is 8. Keep on reading to find out more about each life path number.

Life path number 1 is creative and dedicated, this means you naturally stick to your goals. You are gifted when it comes to the law of attraction. Visualization and dream board techniques work best for you when it comes to manifesting. The shadow side of being a life path number 1 is dependent on the needs, desires, and opinion of others. Life path number 1 must be careful not to manifest something they don’t want, in the sake of trying to please others. If you want to thrive as a Life path number 1 write down your core values and make sure your life goals align with them. Be confident in yourself and trust the process.

Life path number 2 are emotionally sensitive, genuine people. They practice honesty and live in harmony. When working with the law of attraction it's easy for a life path number 2 to manifest their hearts desires. The shadow side of being a life path number 2 is feeling defeated, and hopeless after being criticized. Life path number 2 usually focuses on the negatives of any situation, having this type of fear can cause blocks when trying to manifest. To thrive as a life path number 2 have a more positive mindset. Write down good things about yourself, and listen to positive affirmations daily.

Life path number 3 is socially magnetic. When it comes to manifesting people whether it be romance or just networking you have the advantage. Life path number 3 is optimistic most of the time. This fire of positivity helps you with manifesting. However the shadow side of being a life path number 3 is you might find it hard to focus on one thing you want. The flip floppy energy causes you not to commit at times, and this causes you to devote only a little bit of energy to a wide range of goals when it comes to manifesting. To thrive as a life path number 3 practice mindfulness, this will allow you not to get into your own way. This also teaches you discipline, and helps you to focus by honing into one thing at a time.

Life path number 4 is known to have strong will and a practical personality. These characteristics make life path number 4 know exactly what they need to do to get their desired end result. Life path number 4 has faith and knows that the law of attraction would work for them. The shadow side of being a life path number 4 is missing out on certain spontaneous opportunities due to their rigid perspective, which lowers their likelihood of attaining wealth. To thrive as a life path number 4 maintain your high faith and use the law of attraction to manifest more money in your life. This can be done by using daily visualization. Think about what you exactly need the money for, feel the excitement and stay positive.

Life path number 5 is known for being open minded, and a flexible thinker who is able to find solutions outside the box. Life path number 5 is always anchored in the present moment most of the time. They are always aware of their current experiences and less likely to get weighed down by memories of the past, or worries about the future. The shadow side of a life path number 5 is being self indulgent. Life path number 5s can be attracted to pleasures that last for a short period of time. To thrive as a life path number 5 is best to spread positivity towards others by doing random acts of kindness. Live more outward and expand your worldview. Look past the superficial fun and go only after your deepest desires that would last for a long term.

Life path number 6 is compassionate and generous and spreads goodness wherever they go. Life path number 6 are natural nurtures and is just full of loving energy. This gives life path number 6 all the hope in the world when it comes to manifesting. The shadow side of being a life path number 6 is giving so much to others, that you may have trouble doing the things you love. To thrive as a life path number 6 practice self care. Try to see that your core values extend beyond what you can do or offer to people. Try to carve out time for your hobbies and goals and draw strong boundaries between yourself and others.

Life path number 7 is known to be very peaceful and reflective. Life path number 7s know how to enjoy a connection with others and not let the connection define their lives. If a life path number 7 is looking to manifest love in their life, they already possess the right mindset for a balanced and satisfying relationship. The shadow side of a life path number 7 is struggling to appreciate the things you already have. Life path number 7 may also find it hard to believe that the law of attraction really can work for them. To thrive as a life path number 7 try to tap into your spirituality and use your intuition more. Meditate daily and keep a gratitude journal, this will help you to stay grounded and be more positive.

Life path number 8 is known to be determined, focused, and thoughtful. Life path number 8s are likely to be confident, practical, this makes you a great organizer. The shadow side of a life path number 8 is devoting very little time due to your practical mindset. You may also find it difficult to practice daily visualization. Life path number 8 may focus more on material goods rather than things that have emotional value. This could result in a struggle for life path number 8s to find lasting love. To thrive as a life path number 8 focus on allowing yourself to feel emotions instead of repressing, or ignoring them. Be more aware of your emotions and feelings, journaling will help you with this process.

Life path number 9 is automatically respected by most people because they are known to be honorable and have a keen sense of fairness. Life path number 9s are charismatic, this makes others immediately find interest in you. This magnetism can be harnessed and help life path 9s attract all the things they want to manifest in life. The shadow side as a life path number 9 is having a negative obsession with having a successful career or achieving financial freedom. Having negative thoughts about the things you desire will only block you from actually getting them. To thrive as a life path number 9 be more aware of what makes you feel negative and fearful about the things you want. What are your beliefs that surround money or the things that you desire? You can practice writing down a word in the middle of a piece of paper, and then surround the word with good associations and beliefs. An example will be money, and you can write “allows me to travel’, “means that I don’t need to worry about comfort or safety. Do this daily and place the paper where you can see it. Live in the knowing and know that the law of attraction will work for you if you believe.

Life path number 11 is known as one of the master numbers in numerology. Being a life path number 11 means that you are a very spiritual aware person. Others may view you as knowing more than most because you have a special kind of insight. Life path number 11s dream bigger than most and have a lot to offer the world around them. The shadow side of a life path number 11 is having intense mood swings , and very little space left to feel good. It’s also hard for you to appreciate what you already have, even if it represents a road to your happiness. To thrive as a life path number 11 learn how to find emotional balance and to turn off the voices of internal critics inside of your head. Practice meditation and relaxing hobbies.

Life path number 22 is also known as a master number in numerology. Life path number 22 is known to be the most powerful number of all. Life path number 22 has many great sources of inner power. If life path number 22 taps into their inner power they can play a role in creating a better genuine world. The shadow side of being a life path number 22 is the possibility of becoming overbearing and self censoring. If you censor yourself this can make it hard for a life path number 22 to know what kind of life they really want, and fail to use their inbuilt power. To thrive as a life path number 22 work on how you communicate with yourself and others. Think about what you want to achieve in life and work to express yourself authentically. You can write down things that are difficult for you to say, and find other ways to say them. You can practice saying them in the mirror until you become comfortable with saying it out loud.

Congratulations on discovering your life path number, this is just one step closer to unlocking an easier way to navigate through life better.

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